Why Choose a Composite Door?

When choosing a new front door, it is important that as well as picking one that looks great you also choose one that is strong, secure and efficient. Although a door should look attractive, it the first impression people get of a home, it also needs to keep a home secure and insulated. A composite door not only looks attractive, but it also has advance performance benefits for a Westbury home.


What is a composite door?

composite door is a door built to exceptional standards to ensure the best performance possible. Made from a combination of the highest grade on the market, this style of door takes the best properties from each material and ensures homeowners get the very best. The composite materials used to create the outer and subframes which surround the solid wood core include reinforced steel and foam insulation. This means you are getting a secure front door and a profile which 


What are the advantages of choosing a composite door?

As well as being incredibly robust, composite doors are much more open to different designs than doors made from other materials. Wiltshire homeowners can customise these doors so they fit bespoke to any era, size and shape of property. Composite doors promote maximum energy efficiency. This range of doors is 10% thicker than other alternatives on the market, making them retain heat inside the home, where it belongs.

Unlike the solid timber doors on the market, composite doors do not require maintenance and offer high levels of weatherproofing. The longevity of the composite door beats many others on the market, making it a fantastic investment to any Westbury home. Once the door is installed, it won’t need to be regularly painted and varnished. Just wipe it down every now and then when it starts looking dirty.

The security of every home is crucial and we know it’s your priority when choosing a door. Thanks to the reinforced steel used to make the composite door you can rest assured that your Westbury home will remain secure and strong for countless years. For peace of mind regarding the performance and safety of your home – choose a composite door from White Oak.

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