Why Choose Aluminium Bifold Doors

Whilst uPVC and timber have their own unique benefits, but there are many reasons why aluminium bifold doors are some of the most popular to install in the UK.

Strong and Light: Aluminium is a low density material, this means your new bifold doors are slim and sturdy. Aluminium bifold doors can have slender lines, this will give your home a modern appearance with bigger glazed areas and improved views to your garden. Aluminium will remain rigid in all weather, meaning it will not contract in sunlight or the cold.

Precisely Measured: All aluminium bifold doors supplied and fitted by White Oak are made bespoke to order. This allows you to create the ideal shape, size and colour for your Westbury home.

Secure: We understand security is a priority for homeowners. Aluminium bifold doors, when supplied by White Oak, are built to be incredibly robust. All also have Secured by Design accredited options added to their profiles.

Blend Indoors and Outdoors: Remove the barrier between your home and garden with an aluminium bifold door. When closed, the huge expanse of glass provides you with a wonderful view of the outdoors, and when open, the big aperture will open up the space.

Space Saving: Bifold doors fold back like a concertina effect so they only take up a very small amount of space when opened. This makes them the ideal option for small homes where space is at a premium.


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